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The AREDS2 Formula Has Shown Continued Benefits

In May 2021 at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, the National Eye Institute (NEI) presented its latest findings based on data from 10 years of AREDS2 studies.


Subset of AREDS2
participants (6,351 eyes)

10 Years

Length of study

The NEI’s groundbreaking Age Related Eye Disease Studies, or AREDS, showed that a specific nutrient formula can help lower the risk of progression of moderate-to-advanced age-related macular degeneration. The AREDS2 Formula, tested in the second AREDS clinical trial, has become the only eye vitamin formula recommended by the NEI for dry AMD patients.

NEI scientists wanted to know whether the AREDS2 Formula would continue to safely lower the risk of AMD progression over the longer term, so they followed study participants for an additional five years after the end of the AREDS2 study.

The results of the NEI’s 10-year Follow-On Study: Taken twice daily over the course of a decade, the AREDS2 formula continued to show benefit — and was well-tolerated. The formula has a persistent 10-year benefit for reducing the risk of progression in patients with moderate-to-advanced agerelated macular degeneration.

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Based on this data, the NEI continues to recommend a specific nutrient formula to help reduce the risk of progression in patients with moderate to advanced AMD

Did you know?

The participants in the NEI’s second AREDS clinical trial took PreserVision® AREDS 2 soft gel eye vitamins, donated by Bausch + Lomb.

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