AREDS Study Highlights - 2001

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study was a major clinical trial that closely followed about 3,600 participants with varying stages of AMD.

AREDS clinically proven and long-term benefits 1,2*

The “AREDS formula” – 80mg zinc and antioxidants (vitamins C&E and beta-carotene), was proven to reduce the risk of AMD progression and associated vision loss in people with moderate to advanced AMD.

The original PreserVision AREDS Formula was the actual supplement used and clinically proven in the 2001 AREDS trial1

2013 AREDS Research Group Update: Extension study shows benefits persist over 10 years 2

  • 80mg zinc plus antioxidants significantly lowers risk of advanced AMD, neovascular AMD, and AMD-related vision loss in AMD patients who received AREDS formula during the study*

  • No long-term safety issues observed

For more information from the National Eye Institute regarding the AREDS study results, click here >>

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